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Brought to you by Alberto Pau, Leonard Shaw and Don Russell Gulzaar,
Pro Forex Traders


Dear Trader,

If you want to start racking up 100+ pip wins, easily, quickly, and consistently. Then pay close attention to this page.

Because you’re about to discover how inexperienced traders went from making 10 pips a week to pulling in their first 100+ pip trade in just a matter of hours.

But first...

Some simple math...

2 + 2 = 4


Of course it does!

Even a kindergartener can tell you that.

It’s simply the law of numbers.

It’s just how numbers work.

And it’s the backbone for the Secret Trading Code that took those beginning traders from 10 pips to 100 pips, in just a matter of hours...

Sadly, most people know how to use these laws when it comes to basic math. But they’re clueless about how mathematical laws influence Forex.

This is for two reasons...

1) The internet is filled with garbage products, making it nearly impossible to get your hands on good information.

2) Until recently you couldn’t get your hands on this information unless you had over $250,000 in your account. Because trading tactics revolving around this code were only exchanged between the big fishes in the game. (I know of them because we used to trade for Deutsche Bank, one of the largest banks in the world)

But lately we’ve been sharing this Code with my private coaching students - and the results have been amazing.

"I placed two trades on Monday, closed down on Wednesday and I made 234 pips. I’m making money consistently."

Greg S., USA

"I made 198 pips in my first two weeks. It’s the most awesome feeling in the world seeing the money coming into your bank account and thinking I figured it out."

Gail S., United Kingdom

And when you understand how The Code works and how it’s based off fundamental mathematical rules that never change. And mathematical patterns that always occur. Grabbing trades like these becomes easy.

$1,574.62 in a matter of hours…

Or $1,890.00 in 44 minutes...

Now some may wonder - what is this code, what is it based off of, and how does it work?

It all starts with a world famous Italian mathematician.

Leonardo Pisano Fibonacci

He discovered a number pattern that is consistently found in all of nature.

It’s called The Fibonacci Sequence.

And everything around us obeys this sequence.

From the way flowers grow

To the way rabbits reproduce.

And while you may have heard of it...

Most traders are in the dark about how to truly use this sequence to make a killing in Forex. But once it’s explained to you - trading Forex becomes as easy as looking into a crystal ball.

Because using The Fibonacci Sequence is not difficult.

In fact - it’s actually quite simple.

And it’s consistent, proven, and very profitable.

And very low risk.

Just take a look at some of these accounts.

In fact The Code is generating so much attention - that it’s now being taught in universities and trading academies.

Which is why you may know a bit about The Fibonacci Sequence - but I assure you. You haven’t seen anything like the way we profit using The Fibonacci Sequence.

Just take a look at some of these trades.

$620 in just 8 minutes

Or $1,195.08 in less than a day…

And for the first time ever – we’re going to release 300 copies of The Fibo Code to the public.

(Although there will be slightly less than that available - because some have already been snagged by our private coaching clients)

$297 one-off payment with 30 day moneyback guarantee

In The Fibo Code we take you by the hand and show you exactly what you need to know - step by step- in an easy to understand way.

A Cheap Ebook Filled With Generic Information...
A Crazy Trading Robot...
Not An Expert Advisor
Not A Traditional Forex Trading System...
Basic Information You Can Find On The Internet For Free...

In fact, we’ve taken steps to ensure that The Fibo Code stays off of the internet. Because it is that valuable.

And you don’t need any special Forex knowledge.  The Fibo Code is perfect for beginners and traders of all skill levels.

The information is presented in easy to understand ways.

You don’t need a large deposit - because whatever your bankroll The Fibo Code will show you how to double it, and then double it again.

You’ll discover how to start hitting 100+ pip trades right off the bat. Instead of wasting thousands of dollars and years trying to learn these methods via trial and error.



And the list could go on forever…

Isn’t it time for your own success story?

I’ve spent years suffering in the trading trenches - desperately trying to figure things out and finally make money.

I know what it’s like to feel stuck. Like too many traders out there.

Which is why Alberto begged us to release this to the public.

We wanted to give something to the community that actually works.

When we put together The Fibo Code our development costs amounted to over $10,000.  But after it was completed we knew it was worth it.

We asked the developers and traders who helped us refine The Fibo Code - and asked them what they thought The Fibo Code was worth.

Here’s what they said.


And The Fibo Code is worth it.

But we created The Fibo Code so more traders could finally experience success. So we decided to offer it for far less.

This is a tremendous bargain when you consider:

1) Just one successful trade can make you your money back and more.

2) Over $10,000 were spent developing and testing The Fibo Code

3) The Fibo Code will let you skip years of expensive and painful losses that occur when you try to learn Forex via trial and error.

4) After you order you get a direct line to Alberto Pau and his trading team - which normally only his personal coaching clients get access too. (The number is 001-607-214-0075 - Please do not call until after your order - this number is for buyers only)

Imagine how good it’s going to feel after you hit your third 100+ pip trade. Knowing that you can consistently make all the money you’ll need - just by trading Forex...

Imagine how much more time money, and freedom you’ll have...

Imagine the benefits for your family...

Finally you’ll be able to live life to the fullest...

Because The Fibo Code is an actual, physical DVD kit only 300 copies are available.

Not only that...

But some of these copies are already gone - as private coaching clients were given first opportunity and they’ve already snatched some.

Which means if you want to get your hands on it, you have to act now.

Because when they’re gone, they’re gone. We can't under any circumstances exceed the 300 copies as we still want to keep this fool proof system under the radar.

Here’s how this works...

After you order The Fibo Code, if you place 5 trades and don’t make a profit. Simply send us the trading statements, the DVD kit and not only will you receive a prompt and full refund - you will receive an additional $100 bucks, straight from our wallets.

We can make this promise because we know...

The Fibo Code is all we say and more.  And you will be too busy making money to want a refund.

Additionally, if for any reason, or even no reason at all, you want a refund. Simply send back the Fibo Code DVD kit and you will receive an immediate full refund.

No hard feelings, no questions asked.

Because if you don’t profit, we don’t want your money.

No fake guru can make this promise - because they’d go broke.

But we can, because we know you’re going to love The Fibo Code.

One...You can either leave this page - which will leave you exactly where you are now. Still not seeing the success you desire. And you’ll continue to struggle and lose money while you try and learn Forex the hard way. Don’t do this. It only costs more money, wastes precious time, and leads to immense frustration. There’s no reason to try and succeed at Forex alone. We’ve already done it. Let us show you the way.

Two... You can take action right now and order The Fibo Code. Which will put you on the fast track to consistently grabbing 100+ pip trades, and doubling your account.

To order your copy of The Fibo Code. Simply click the download link below and you will be taken to an information page. After you submit your information - your copy of The Fibo Code will be rushed to your door via courier (like Fed-ex).

$297 one-off payment with 30 day moneyback guarantee

See you on the other side,

Leo Shaw, Alberto Pau and Don Gulzaar Russell


Our phone number is +1-607-214-0075 (Do not call until after your purchase goes through - this number is for buyers only)

Which is why you need to order right now. Because when they’re gone. They’re gone.

$297 one-off payment with 30 day moneyback guarantee

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